The Way You Love Me

California - based singer Sherry Williams enchants you with her torchy, witching hour vocal stylings on this well-produced 12 song set. The entire album, particularly the title track is a transfixing affair, but I have two favorites to recommend for Quiet Storm shows. The first is Morning Hours, a vivid lyric from the pen of Kathy Rubbicco about new lovers who stay up all night enjoying each others company. We live love in the morning hours / we spend time like it was borrowed from tomorrow... Also exceptional is The Taste of Me (Sabor a Mi, a Latin Jazz piece that opens with spoken poetry before segueing into the Spanish lyrics of the song - a tastefully erotic tour de force. Instrumentalists on the album include trumpeter Harry Sweets Edison, tenor saxophonist Herman Riley, vibraphonist Dave Pike and percussionist Rudy Regalado ========= A. Scott Galloway, Startime column, Urban Network Magazine Click here to buy "The Way You Love Me"

A Taste of Sherry

You're about to hear a lady in the tradition of the best weve ever had...Lady Day, Sarah and Ella. Sherry Williams is the incomparable present-day combination of those ladies. But Sherry offers so much of herself! In a perfect mix of standard items like Let's Fall In Love, Foggy Day and Summertime, Sherry introduces Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost, and Weren't You the One? And yet, the important things are her sensitive interpretations and her soulful delivery of all the music and all the words! And...She's backed by the superb, tasteful arranger-pianist, John Rodby, bassist Harvey Newmark, and drummers Harold Mason and Mark Stevens. They are one with Ms. Williams and what a treat that is! Sherry makes familiar pieces her own. Round Midnight and Lush Life stripped of the extraneous, performed with only Al Viola's guitar, and the above mentioned standards...They all belong to Sherry Williams. And thats what makes this very touching collection so memorable. Give her your listening space, and the lady will fill it with her magic ===== Jack Segal Author-composer, 200 recorded songs, sixty-five million sold, eleven in top ten. ASCAP, SGA,Director of Songshop 1978-1999. Click here to purchase "A Taste of Sherry"...

You Must Believe In Spring

One Sunday morning, after singing a beautiful ballad in a church service, someone asked me if that song was on any of my CDs. Well, no I said. My CDs are jazz CDs. After hearing that question a few more times, I finally got it. I needed to record these songs. These are not inspirational or religious songs. These are popular songs that have thought provoking, often profound lyrics. They conjure up images that are illuminating and uplifting so consequently they are inspiring... I have been singing many of these songs for years in various churches, and am always gratified when people are willing to explore the deeper meaning of a song they may have heard many times before. I thank all of you who encouraged me to do this project. It has been some of the most satisfying work I've done. I recommend these lyrics not only to truth-seekers, but to anyone who just likes a pretty pop tune.... Click here to buy "You Must Belive in Spring"...

Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits

This stunning collection of photographs created by acclaimed photographer, Mary Ann Halpin, is an inspiring book for women of all ages. Fearless Women tells the stories of women who have entered midlife with defiance. Among the stories, written by authors, Nancy Alspaugh and Marilyn Kentz, are women such as Joni Mitchell, Cybill Shepherd and Erin Brockovich. A great gift book for the fearless wife, mother, sister or friend, you'll find a page on which you can include their photo as a surprise and they become part of the book. Buy this at! This is a perfect Mother's Day gift!

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